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Letitia Dickerson

Originally from New Jersey, I moved to San Diego County over 25 years ago.  I’m a mother and grandmother of four.   I’ve gone from homeless to owning two small businesses which I owned and operated for more than then 7 years.  Since 2014, I’ve helped organize an annual community outreach called the SoCal Day of Hope that reaches 1000s in one day.  We not only provide FREE resources such as  groceries and clothing, but also act as a community liaison to provide free assistance to participants  in order to connect with community agencies. In addition, I organize small monthly outreaches as well.  I’ve mentored at-risk youth with organizations like San Diego Mentors, and Foundation 61, and currently, I lead a teen youth group.   UNFORGETTABLE! 

Ways  to donate to ministry:  CASH APP: $TishaD28  VENMO: @Letitia-Dickerson.     Please mail any checks or correspondence to: PO Box  2394, El Cajon CA  92021 


Making the Forgotten District UNFORGETTABLE!

A few Planks of my Political Platform

  • Homelessness:  It’s an obvious issue in almost every community in San Diego County. I’ve been homeless and even lived at St Vincent De Paul Village for a while. I want to continue to work with organizations like ECTLC, Homestart, and others. However, I also want to add focus toward homeless children and transitioning youth that are aging out of the system.  In addition, connect with programs that help with education and navigation so that the individuals getting assistance don’t stay on a merry-go-round or live in perpetual homelessness.  Lastly, we can’t address homelessness without addressing safety. I will always work for the protection of our residents, their property, and their personage.  
  • Public Safety:  Protection of our residents is always a top priority.  We need to be able to protect our homeless, especially homeless women who are frequently raped on the streets.  We need to protect our children from things like Human trafficking.  We need to protect our residents and local businesses from unlawful and unruly protesting or destruction of their property whether through looting, loitering, or other avenues.  Also protection of public  health through proper handling of Covid-19 issues and simple cleanliness of our streets. 
  • Housing:  Affordable housing is an issue all across California.  Rents have increased at a much faster rate than salaries.  Many of our East County residents need to have roommates to avoid being on the streets.  Alot of residents use the majority of their monthly income to pay their rent.  Mortgages are no better.  Unless they are on Subsidized housing, our seniors that are low income or on SSI cannot afford to live by themselves.  Some are forced to live in situations with others that can open the door for them to be taken advantage of and/or even put them in harms way.   I was married to a man who was quadriplegic and my grandmother lives with me now. Both fit into the low income category and housing would have been an issue for them if they did not have family.  I want to find ways to have more affordable housing in El Cajon. 
  • Veterans:   We can’t speak of any of the aforementioned without thinking of our veterans.  Almost 10% of the El Cajon population are veterans and/or active duty.  We need to find ways to service homeless vets through partnerships with organizations like DAV and veterans village.  We are aware of the issues with veteran’s mental health, and many women and even some men face sexual trauma as well.  Also, we need to find ways to support their fight to maintain good mental health.  In addition we need to continue to build the El Cajon veterans commission so that it doesn’t just become another organization on the list purported to assist vets. 
  •  Education:  The public school system is its own state.  So I have no desire for the school district to acquiesce it’s authority to the municipality. However, Id love to form coalitions with the school district and city council concerning shared interests.  I’d love to have a cross-pollination of ideas & collaborations for the betterment of the children’s education and learning environment in our community.  

About Me

Making the Forgotten District UNFORGETTABLE!

Former owner and Operator of Island Juice where we served the best smoothies in San Diego. Also owned and operated College Area Fitness where women came to get fit. I closed down in 2016 and have been working in the Telecommunications industry since 2015.
Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.
I was born and raised in New Jersey. Most of my family members still live there, including my mother who was also an entrepreneur. I was raised in the projects and faced many challenges growing up and overcame them all. I hate being cold so I had two choices; California or Florida. My ex-husband was in the Marine Corps and was previously stationed in Oceanside so we chose California. We moved our family to San Diego (without knowing anyone here) 25 years ago in 1995. I've lived in El Cajon 22 out of those 25 years. We divorced and he is now living in another state. I re-married and he became injured in a car accident that left him quadriplegic. He died a few years ago. I'm currently single and enjoy spending time with my family and my four grand children.
Jersey Girl with a Califonia Heart
For more than 25 years I've given my time to ministry and volunteerism. I've volunteered with Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, San Diego Food-bank, St Vincent De Paul Village, Adopt-a-block, Rebuilding Together, Youth Campaigns, San Diego Mentors, C.A.S.T, Foundation 61, Promise 2 Kids, and others. I also organize and coordinate monthly and annual outreaches that provide FREE food, clothing, and other resources.
Action speaks louder than words

Vice-President & San Diego Coordinator for the SoCal Day of Hope

Making the Forgotten District UNFORGETTABLE!

MISSION STATEMENT – SoCal Day of Hope is a massive collaboration between the local churches, business and community service agencies to bring HOPE and transformation to southern California to elevate our communities.

SoCal Day of Hope is a regional collaborative outreach founded by Nellisa Lockley.  Its intended to bring HOPE to the communities of southern California. SoCal Day of HOPE is one outreach conducted simultaneously at multiple locations where we serve 1000s in one day.  We currently hold the outreach between two venues with the involvement of five counties. Our goal is to eventually have a venue in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. Currently,  the SoCal Day of HOPE is being held in Orange and San Diego County venues.

SoCal Day of Hope is designed to serve those in need including struggling families, single parents, homeless, unemployed, Veterans, and the underprivileged and under-served in our communities.  The outreach provides Onsite meal, Groceries, Clothing, Haircuts, Community Service /Educational Helps, Health Screenings, Kids Zone, and Entertainment for the Entire Family ALL FOR FREE!  SoCal Day of Hope also acts as a community liaison to provide free assistance to participants  in order to connect with community agencies.


I'm an ordained Evangelist. I never look for pulpits to preach in because the world is a pulpit. I love bringing the hope and love of Jesus Christ to others. Making the Forgotten District UNFORGETTABLE!

Ministering to the Homeless

We were able to minister the gospel in word and deed. After we told him how much Jesus Christ loved him, we showed him but giving him a a jacket and food.

Trolley Station Evangelism

There is always time to pray for someone and let them know that you love them and God loves them more.

Witnessing in challenging areas.

Many are afraid to go to certain areas but I like to go where many won't. Both of these awesome men gave their lives to the Lord that day and were excited about it.