I’m running as a Non-partisan candidate for La Mesa City Council.  I’ve always had a passion for people and politics. However, I also believe the bigger the government, the smaller the people. I don’t believe we need the government running every aspect of lives.  We can come to the table as a community to deal with the side effects of Covid 19 and work together to reopen all aspects of the community safely and successfully.  I’ve spent alot of years walking the streets attempting to understand the hardships and struggles of people in order to understand how to help. I’ve spent years volunteering in places where humanity meets hugs attempting to understand the paradigms that ushered people in situations they found themselves in.  Like so many of us, I also have struggled with many of the same issues surrounding our community and empathize with the hardships. I’ve owned and operated 2 small businesses and understand the complexities of finding the balance between business and community.  My children and grandchildren have all attended schools in  East County and I recognize the lapses in the educational system and desire to build bridges of collaboration between the school district and city council. As a black woman, I understand the struggles faced with racism, diversity, and inclusion so I welcome peaceful protest, respectful conversations,  and strategic planning meetings on addressing the issues.  As a Christian Conservative, I understand that these challenges are not excuses for anarchy or disorder and do believe in uncuffing the hands of our police officers to bring order and peace.   My goal is to work together with community, businesses, the police dept, and city government to bring collaborations of ideas not just to the table for discussion, but into fruition.  Rebuilding faith, community, & public relations. Rebuilding La Mesa!

Hello, I Am Letitia Dickerson City of La Mesa- Councilman Candidate (Special Elections)

Helping People; Changing Lives

  • SoCal Day of Hope
  • Floodwaters AAA monthly outreaches
  • Salvation Army
  • Rescue Mission
  • San Diego Food bank
  • Rebuilding Together
  • Adopt a Block
  • Youth Mentorships
  • St Vincent De Paul Villages
  • Patient Health Iniative